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we do have a crew on the w to the scene. we will bring you more information as it comes in. police in montgomery county are warning women be careful this morning after a woman was sexually assaulted. this happed on route 355 in germantown after the wman spent a night out with friends. >> reporter: the 21-year-old victim told police she was walking alone early sunday morning on this very dark stretch of route 355 south of high point drive. >> we know she had been socializing with frien in germantown, and it was her plan to walk to 7-eleven to meet another friend. >> reporter: streetlights are few and far between. >> she was attacked from an unknown man who grabbed her, took her into the woods d sexually assaulted her. she did sustain minor injuries during that resistance. >> reporter: police say after
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e attack the woman was able to get to the 7-eleven a short distance away on professional drive and call for help. the neighboood enjoys a very low crime rate. women we were spoke to were suprised by news of the assault. >> i work in this area. >> i think around the bus stops you have to be careful a little bit. but anywhere you go you should be careful. >> reporter: because it was dark the woman was not able to get a good look at her attacker. jackie benson, 4:nbc news. here comes another surge. looking at the radar over the last three hours mainly into our western suburbs. moderate to heavy rain. we also have some indication maybe some circulation aloft has the leading edge moves into
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western fairfax, loudon county. gusty winds may cause tree limbs to come in. we see that area of yellow. that's the heaviest rain. that's just moving out of culpepp culpepper. that's heading up towards prince william. maybe another half hour or so should be in fairfax county, loudon county, wst of washington. right now temperatures are in the 60s to near 70 degrees. and we do have more rain, another surge perhaps coming in another couple hours from the south and the metro ara. chanceor flooding this morning. highs near 80. tomorrow, increasing clouds. more rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. jerry, how is the traffic? at the moment it is relatively quiet, which is good news. here's another angle on route 66 in manassas.
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road spray. potential of slick roadways this morning. of course we'll keep you updated all week long. inner loop off the virginia side, overnight road work. just very minor bit of construction. that should be wrapped up. other than that, pretty quiet so far. so we'll keep you updated. >> jerry, tanks so much. the next mayor will have to deal with a budget cut. it comes from sales and income tax collections. additional spending accounted for a shortfall from $66 million to $75 million. public school system spent $30 million on special education, which was $25 million more than was budgeted. today nbc's weeklong education nation is focusing on dropouts. leaders in government business and education are all addressing the issue.
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tracie potts takes a look at new initiatives to help more students stay i cool. >> reporter: every year 1.3 million students, 7,000 a day, drop out of school. >> it is not just a crisis. it is a catastrophe. >> reporter: poor students, minorities and those in the south have the highest rate. the government has identifi 2,000 low performing schools that produce nearly half the nation's dropouts. president obama calls them dropout factories and wants to shut them down or turn them into charter schools. >> a third of our kids are dropping out. >> reporter: educators are honing in on ninth grade, according to research. e alliance for excellent education says keeping kids in school can help america's bottom line. saving billions on health care, crime, and prepari the next
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generation for jobs. >> jobs in the future, particularly in this country, require a college education. >> reporter: the alliance reports raising minority graduation rates to that of white students the next decade would add $310 billon to the u.s. economy. so it's an economic issue for the nation. a high school dropout will earn $260,000 less than a high school graduate. tracie potts, nbc news, washington d.c. council chair and mayor al candidates defending d.c. schools after president obama said his kids could not get the same quality of education as in private schools. he was responding to a viewer question. >> the fatheof two seemingly bright daughters, i want to know
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whether or not you think malia and sasha would get the same high quality education at a d.c. private school compared to the elite private academy they are attendinnow. >> i'll be honest with you, the answer is no right now. . the d.c. schools are struggling. terrific individual schools in the d.c. system. >> the president went on to say there are good individual d.c. schoos, you migh have heard. in response, vincent gray defended the quality of education in d.c. >> i wish he would think that because i think we do have excellent schools, both in traditional public schools and charter schools. and i think his daughters would get a fist-class education. at the end of the day every parent has to make the decision they feel is best for their
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chigz. >> gray said he would not make a decisions about michelle rhee until after the election. president obama goes on the campaign trail today. he is hoping the new bill, would could spark support on his cross country trip. heill hold a backyard rally in richmond today. president obama will head to the youth vote. he will head to the university of wisconsin where young voter turnout is highest. the vice president and chair tim kaine will be attending similar rallies this evening. white house chief of staff will soon decide whether he will lead to run for chicago mayor. the announcement could come as
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early as this friday. rahm emanuel is highly expected to leave the white house. he is still considering the impact his dcision would have on his family. current mayor richard daily announced he would not seek reelection. 4:38. 70 degrees. still ahead, the latest airline made a merger. why there will be good and bad news. plus, a big day for an iconic building devastated by flooding. next, tom is keeng a close eye on potentially heavy rain mov buildi wind rms and
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expanding clean energy manufacturing but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur developmentof t manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - nojust buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable ectricity standard today.
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time for weather and traffic on this early tesday morning. it's 4:41. i'm tom kierein. moderate rain coming in west of interstate 95. it will be passing through in another hour or so. flooding and strong gusty winds as this moves on through. then it should dry out by noon time. during the afternoon, sunshine breaking out with highs near 80. partly cloudy. near 60 by dawn. thickening clouds wednesday. we could get more rain and could be a very wet day on thursday. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. how is thetraffic, jerry? >> tom, heading into town, you can't quite see it but police are dealing with an accident on the douglas bridge with two left
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lanes. watch out for potential early delays there. northeast, ken elworth, rhode island avenue, very quiet. 270 from i-70 down is fine. i-70 between btimore and frederick, no early ncerns. >> thanks very much, jerry. 4:42. still to come, poison control is seeing a spike in calls from the students from the university of maryland. the high-tech way d.c. is keeping tabs on young offenders. a new ♪
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at least 50 crows happened at the faulkier livestock exchange in marshall, virginia. the cause fire is under investigation. d.c. leaders defending
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district schools after president obama said his children could not get the same quality of education at d.c. schools than they can at sidwell school. president obama told the "today" show d.c. schools are making strides. sources tell nbc news the announcement could come as early as this friday. hm emanuel is likely expected to leave the white house. richard daily announced he will not seek reelection. a 1-year-old child is in the hospital after threatening life threatening injuries at floral park road in brandy wine, maryland. four other people were transp t transported to the hospital with minor injuries. no word on the condition of that incident. today, former alaska senator ted stevens will be laid rest
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arlington national cemetery. he was one of five people killed in a plane crash last month in southwest alaska. the 86-year-old was the longest serving republican in senate history. four people survived the crash, including sean o'keefe, who lives in the area. the group was on its way to a fishing trip. giving new meaning to the hrase you can run but cannot hide. the department of youth rehabilitation services is tracking them now through gps devices strapped to their ankles. the pilot program allo case managers to keep track of whether they are attending school and treatment programs as required. it helpsnforce house arrest. >> we get alerts in real-time when they're not where they're supposed to be, wn they're not where we tell them to be. by utilizing that we can respond immediately. >> the agency has been criticized over its supervision of young offenders. just last week one teen offender
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was arrested for murder. winter season is officially under way. midnight mad answer at george mason university overnight. it's the first time arenas was back after serving a 50-game suspension last season. it was also media day. and arenas was extremely serious. he has taken that approach to the upcoming season. he said the happy-go-lucky demeanor is a thing of the past. >> i'm very happy. i don'teed to show happiness on the outside. now i can just play the game the rit way. play with passion. only place i smile is on the court. that's what my job is. that's where my love s. that's the only time i need to smile now.
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>> arenas has been ordered by cmissioner david stern not to talk about the suspension. the grand ol' opry will reopen following this year's widespread flooding in nashville. jay gray reports a the city has survival an revival. >> reporter: the waters of the cumberland are calm right now. but just below the surface painful memories still lger. >> we had ten people die in nashville. over $2 billion in damage in private propty. about 10,000 properties damaged. >> reporter: one of those be longed to claire beach. >> you walk away and you don't know how much you're going to lose or how much it's going to be under water. that was a very difficult moment. >> reporter: she's still sorting through some of the damage. after almost four months she'll be backome tonight for the first te since the flood.
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and on the same day ironically that another nhville family is finally coming home. it's opening night tonight at the grand ol' opry. >> you know, the grand ol' opry in many ways is the sound track to the lives of many american families. >> reporter: a song that perhaps hit its saddest note ever as water hit this sacred hall home, home to the legends and hallowed ground, to country's current stars. >> the lights have a film of mud on them. and you've got this entire stage, which had water on it. it's just heartbreaking to think about this. >> reporter: heartbreak that quickly gave way to hard work. >> there was never a question but that this place would arise and rebuild andome back strong than ever. >> reporter: there are new dressing room.
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as the spotlight warms for don't's big show the spirit that built this hall has carried it for 85 years now remains the same. >> such a testament to the backbone of this community. >> reporter: a community of survivors. jay gray, nbc news, nashville heavy rain caused dangerous flooding in the upper midwest. right now officials are keeping a close eye on a levee in portage, wisconsin. workers will inspect a 14-mile sand levee today. more than 100 homes are threaned by the rising waters. >> w. wonder if we're going to have any flood anything your area? >> we did have a little bit in montgomery county yesterday. small bnks and streams rose out of their banks quickly. right now it's raining hard in prince william county, faulkier county. just about to move into loudon
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county. you can see the radar the last three hours showing the surge from the south heading to the north. right now the local radar, they're showing a little bit of circulation in thetmosphere in prince williamcounty. there may be strong winds as this heavy band passes just to the west of the line heading up towards sterling, virgiia and leesburg and loudon county. here's another one here farther to the west in north faulkier county. it is heading right off north and east and maybe coming into warren and clark counties and headingnto western loudon county in the next few minutes as well. farther east, we have a few sprinkles in washington. there's downpours as well. stafford county. as well as another line coming up. this will be sweeping into the area during the morning rush hour. we're not quite done yet. these are some of the area
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tals. frederick, about the same in martinsberg, culpepper, winchester. and around the metro area, we have only had 0.3. higher amounts, southern a maryland as well. temperatures in the 60s to near 70 degrees. elsewhere, in the mountains of west virginia, cooler morning there. many locations near 60. eastern shore around 60. we do have another shot of rain beginning to form along this cool front that stretches just to the south of fredericksburg, richmo, eastern north carolina. that is going to be sweeping through our region here by later on this morning. we could have flooding rains now until noon time. then during the afternoon, we'll begin to see sunshine. highs near 80. there's a risk of some severe storms to our east laterhis afternoon. but clearing from west to east and partly cloudy tonight. upper 50s tomorrow morning.
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increasing clouds on wednesday. a tropical system system may affect u with rain late afternoon wednesday into wednesday evening. tropical downpour likely after drying out on friday and the weekend. feeling like autumn saturday, sunday, monday. so far between i-95 south to the wilson bridge, everything moving along very, very nicely. no hangu. into town this morning, new york avenue, come on in. had to much in the way of overnight road work. weather washed most of it out. with the weathe coming in, it could all change. we'll keep you updated. joe, eun. the change drivers in maryland need to be aware of. jurors reach a verdict in
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the case of a local pbl standout. also, a confrontatin caught on tape. a store owner goes on the offensive when we ask about something that he is selling. and it coulhave a major impact on air trel inour area. what you need to know about southwest proposed major merger. building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing.
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but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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welcome back. southwest airlines may be coming to reagan national airport. the airline announced it is trying to buy airtran airline. if approved the deal is valued to be $1.4 billion. southwest says it would drop airtran's baggage fees and let bags buy free as it does on its current airline. but faresn the northeast will go up as fare wars disappear. a local poison control center reported calls regarding synthetic marijuana have more than tripled in the last month. store is selling the new product called k2. >> the convenience store is just a few hundred feet from the main gates. the flyer advertising a new product called k2, synthetic
4:58 am
mayor fwhan that sells for $35 to 5 a gram. we went in to talk. >> don't touch me. >> reporter: this what happened. >> i told you to get out. >> and we are. 'am, i wouldn't do that. ma'am. while no student would speak specifically on cera, a few did say they did not see a problem with it being sold so close to campus. >> we're all adults making our own decisions. if it's gal, don't see any problem with it. >> it's probably just as bad as cigarettes, to be honest. >> not , says dr. kathleen clansy with the national poison city. >> we educate teens better about liquor. educate them about liquor at least. so when you put a story like that, there's nobody telling them what k2 is.
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>> she said poison control has gotten dozens of calls complaining. excessive agitated, paranoid. no one knows what chemical is sprayed on synthetic mayor fwhan. but the doctor does know is it's become more popular. >> in august we had seven call. that's just the tip of the iceberg. most of the time we don't hear about these cases. but in september we had 27 calls. >> for now it's legal in all but one state. onetheless, the college park convenience store decided to stop advertising monday night. well, starti this friday you can no longer hold your cell phone and talk on it while driving in maryland. you can still use a hand-hel the first time you're caught it's a $40 fichblt 00

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